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Molecular Mycoplasma Rapid Test

Studies indicate that a substantial amount of cell cultures are contaminated by mycoplasma. However, resource efficient mycoplasma testing of cell cultures and their biological products is a common challenge faced by the pharmaceutical industry and leading R&D laboratories. The only insurance is regular testing using a reliable and sensitive assay. Yet current procedures are time-consuming, laborious and costly. We at certus diagnostics have developed an efficient solution for you! 

Our molecular mycoplasma rapid test

  • provides highly sensitive results (10 cfu/ml)
  • yields results in just 30 minutes
  • requires less than 5 minutes hands-on time
  • runs on any real-time PCR cycler
  • reduces testing sample volume to 1 ml
  • detects all relevant strains + EP 2.6.7 strains
  • GMP-like testing method 

Therefore, our rapid, reliable and robust Mycoplasma assay allows you to test as often as needed. It significantly reduces the risk of undiscovered contaminations, saving time, labor and money. certus QC – mycoplasma is now available. For more information and orders contact us at info@certusdiagnostics.com

Product N° A010M (10rx)
Product N° A025M (25rx)
Product N° A050M (50rx)
Product N° A100M (100rx)


Product category

Pharmaceutical quality control

Target organisms

Mycoplasma spp., A. laidlawii, S. citri

Product size

10 / 25 / 50 / 100 reactions

Amplification time

30 min

Nucleic Acid extraction/purification

Not necessary

Specificity verification

Melting curve analysis

Sample testing volume

up to 1ml

Internal amplification control


External controls (POS, NEG), buffers


Amplification and detection device

Standard real-time PCR cycler

Shipping conditions

< 4°C

Storage conditions

< -20°C