We are certus diagnostics

Who we are

We provide reliable rapid tests for the on-site detection of specific genes in a variety of microorganisms. Because of the increasing demand for quick and dependable results for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, we have developed a novel molecular detection method. Due to our extensive work experience and microbiology diagnostic laboratories, our test kits meet the clinical requirements and set new standards.

certus molecular diagnostics ag was founded in March 2017 by the two former co-workers Samuel Zürcher (physician) and Alexander Lüthi (PhD in Biology). Besides winning several entrepreneurial awards and competitions, the young company has already launched first products and successfully completed a seed-financing round in the fall of 2017.

What we do

We combine clinical and diagnostic expertise

We are committed to setting new standards in diagnostics

We are focused on our customer’s benefit

Our Team

Samuel Zürcher CEO & Co-Founder

Alexander Lüthi CTO & Co-Founder

Kathleen Fritzius COO, Business Administration FH

Tim Pfister CFO, MSc Economics

Lea König MSc Biology

Annik Kohler Biomedical Scientist

Jennifer Berger Business Development